Abro - second hand microscopes
Belo restaurierungsgeräte - equipment and machines
Botter Trading - cutting, clipping and snipping
CLE design - lighting and equipment
Gunter Dick - best toolshop in EU (general & woodworking)
Hogetex - measuring, pocket microscopes, loupes
Olfa - Olfa snap-off knives (the original inventors of this fantastic tool) all models
Protools - small and fine tools
Lee Valley tools - best toolshop in CA (woodworking, gardening etc.) clever stuff you can’t get in EU
Obeeliks -  Antwerp, Belgium: brushes, bristles, anything that has hairs attached to a handle


Aka - dry cleaning materials (powders and blasting equipment)
Barth (Larson Juhl) - museumboard
Eiso Bergsma - plexiglass, special plexiglass
Anton Glaser - paper, leather, parchment
Carriage house paper - DIY paper making, aids for paper making
Halbe - magnetic frames (front loading)
Hiromi paper - Japanese paper, small tools
Innosell - foam materials for packaging, protecting etc.
Klug - paper and boards, acid free corrugated boards, boxes
Susanne Krause - hand made paste papers, decorated papers
Moorman - board, acid free boards
John van Oosterom papers - historical and historicising papers
Kremer Pigmente - pigments, glues, chemicals
John Purcell paper - Japanese paper and many other fine papers
Secol - melinex products, boxes, conservation materials
Gangolf Ulbricht - Werkstatt für Papier: Berlin tissue (best hand paper maker today)
Veha - boxes to size
glashandel Wybenga - glass, non-reflecting glass

tools and materials

Boektotaal - bookbinders tools and materials
Boesner tekenmaterialen - German artist materials shop, good webshop
Conservation by Design - tools and materials
Conservation Resources - storage materials
Damen papier - decorated paper, bookbinders tools
Deffner & Johann - specialised tools and materials
Duller & co - paint, gold leaf, materials,
Peter van Ginkel - artist materials
Gaby Kleindorfer - everything for the paper conservator
Gaylord archival - everything library, storage material
Jansen, Wijsmuller & Beuns - acid free boxes, tools, materials (strange concept of service)
Lampe - felt and technical textiles
LTC-Leiden - shop for everything handicraft, hobby, tools often at better prices
Preservation Equipment - tools and materials
Hewit - leather and parchment, tools for leather working
Reisaco - everything for the framer
Schins - leather and leather haberdashery, tools
Schmedt -  DE everything for the bookbinder (large machinery included)
Stouls - FR tools and materials
Talas -  US extensive choice in artist materials, the source for micro spatulas
University Products - Gaylord lookalike
     Lineco - subsidiary of University products
Vlieger papier - paper and artist materials